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Ride with a Twist!


Taxi by Jafar Panahi, is an Iranian film that shows the different people of Iran, giving the audience a little insight into their everyday life of an Iranian society.

 It is a thrilling film that appeals to the creative mind, as it explores the notion that not everything is as it seems and that life is an adventure where you learn something new every day with a new story yet to be told

One thing that sets this film apart from other films is that the director himself is the main protagonist, as a taxi driver that goes around the city of Tehran and picking up various passengers. The different passengers seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are being recorded, as they express their respective world views.

This film shows the different people of Iran and it gives a little insight to how everyday life is, as a means of exploring issues of realism, with regards to what is or not shown on television or in films. In the words of the director, “the stories in the books have already been written and the stories in the films have already been told, it is up to you to go out and find a story; find a new angle in which no one has explored”.


Chibwe Akombelwa is a CCMS honours student. She is an aspiring author/poet/script writer; possibly a future filmmaker.


The “Student Media Lab” is a training workshop and writing-support mechanism implemented by Professor Keyan Tomaselli in order to equip third year and honours students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) to report on the Durban International Film Festival. In its third year running the Student Media Lab is facilitated by The Centre for Communication, Media and Society (CCMS) students. CCMS is the Southern African region's premier graduate research and educational unit in media studies.