Director: Francois Verster
Country: South Africa, Egypt, Jordan, France, Netherlands
Year: 2014
Duration: 107 min



 Suncoast 8  17 July 2015  17:30 PM
 Suncoast1  22 July 2015  17:00 PM
 Musgrave 5  25 July 2015  13:00 PM

The Dream of Shahrazad is a feature-length documentary film which locates recent political events in the Maghreb and Middle East within a broader historical and cultural legacy: The 1001 (Or “Arabian”) Nights. Using the metaphor of Shahrazad – the storytelling princess in the Nights who saves lives by telling stories – and filmed before, during and after the so-called “Arab Spring”, the film weaves together a web of music, politics and storytelling to explore the ways in which creativity and political articulation coincide in response to oppression. A series of unforgettable characters all draw their inspiration from the Nights and, like Shahrazad, put creativity to new political use. This documentary pays homage to THE NIGHTS, to the SCHEHERAZADE suite, and to the role of a rich historical and creative legacy within huge current political change.

Francois Verster is an Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker with a wide background in writing, music, academia and film. He has also been extensively engaged in teaching film. In 2003 he introduced and designed the documentary directing course at City Varsity College in Cape Town and taught there part time.


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