Director: Marjorie Sturm
Country: United States
Year: 2014
Duration: 90 min



 Musgrave 5  18 July 2015  22:00 PM
 Musgrave 5  26 July 2015  21:45 PM

The Cult of JT LeRoy explores the fact and fiction surrounding the rise and fall of JT Leroy, those caught in the elaborate web of artifice and the ultimate real world consequences. JT (aka Jeremiah “Terminator”) LeRoy claimed to have been abandoned by his mother after a cross-country road trip in San Francisco. After years purportedly on the street, involved in drugs and prostitution, he was encouraged at age 15 by a therapist to write “as a form of therapy.” As early as 1994, he began soliciting long-distance mentoring relationships with numerous established writers, editors and literary agents. All were at first reluctantly intrigued by the unseen teenager’s harrowing circumstances and then later enthralled by the precocious writing samples they were sent. The film explores how the trio of Laura Albert, her partner Geoffrey Knoop, and his half-sister playing JT LeRoy managed to pull off this crazy literary hoax for almost 10 years and the phenomenal cultural and emotional resonance it had on those who believed it.

Marjorie Sturm is an award-winning filmmaker and a cinematographer as well as a Bay Area media wrangler for the 99% Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film that had its' premiere at Sundance in 2013. She received the Grand Festival Award at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival for her short narrative Smoke the Pipe Dream.

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