Director: Lotte Manicom
Country: South Africa, Angola
Year: 2014
Duration: 17 min



 Nouveau  18 July 2015  12:00 PM
 Elangeni  20 July 2015  12:00 PM

Angola, in South-West Africa, was subject to brutal conflicts that raged for over forty years. Thousands of refugees fled over the borders into neighboring countries in search of a safe haven. Many came to the coastal city of Cape Town, on the western coast of South Africa. Here, in exile, the Angolan community created thriving businesses and families of their own. Now, twenty years on, this diaspora is facing a new challenge. In 2013, the South African government ended their refugee protection. This short documentary follows three members of this vibrant Angolan diaspora in Cape Town as it maps the impact of this cessation on their lives.

Lotte Manicom has worked in the refugee sector for several years, and is now based at the Scalabrini Centre in Cape Town. During 2013 she worked specifically with Angolan refugees in Cape Town during the cessation of their refugee statuses. As an aspiring creative, she sought to record the impact of this cessation through the medium of documentary.

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