Director: Stefan Schwietert
Country: Germany, Switzerland
Year: 2015
Duration: 86 min



Musgrave 5 20 July 2015 22:00 PM
Suncoast 7 26 July 2015 18:00 PM

Imagine waking up and all music has disappeared. Just like that. What will remain when it is all gone? Bill Drummond, the man who once conquered the world of pop brings it back to us as he leads the largest choir in the world: The 17 is an ever changing ensemble of amateur vocalists  with no sheets of music and no rehearsals. Director Stefan Schwietert accompanies Drummond as he finds new voices for his choir: in the open fields or in a factory, in a class room or in a pub. It is a journey to point zero of music.

Stefan Schwietert was born in 1961 in Esslingen, Germany. He produces and directs documentary films as well as lecturing in film schools in Switzerland and Germany. He won the Best Documentary Swiss Film Award twice, once for Accordion Tribe and for Heimatklänge (Echoes of Home).


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