Director: Thomas Jackson, Charlotte Landelius, Henrik Stockare
Year: 2014
Duration: 94 min



Nouveau 22 July 2015 18:00 PM
Nouveau 25 July 2015 14:30 PM

Foodie is an exploration of the world of the most influential people on the food scene. These are critics with a mission to eat at the best restaurants on earth. Through our close study, we get access to the world's most exclusive restaurants and get to know a group of slightly bizarre but charming food maniacs. The film aims to create a portrait of the extreme and globalised superclass. Through the lens of the foodie, a story is told of those without economic boundaries, they do not hesitate to take a private jet over half the world to dine on some good organic dishes. We follow five of the world's most renowned foodies on their hunt for the most exclusive food there is. Foodies provide unrestricted access into a world of top level of world gastronomy.

Thomas Jackson has worked as a reporter and director for acclaimed art and cultural TV-programs for SVT (Swedish Television). Charlotte Landelius has worked as an editor, photographer and art-director for one of Sweden’s most prized TV-programs, Kobra. Henrik Stockare has a wide background as director and producer of documentaries and TV-programs for SVT.


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