Director: David Thorpe
Country: United States
Year: 2014
Duration: 77 min



Venue Date Time
Musgrave 6 18 July 2015 21:00 PM
Nouveau 25 July 2015 19:00 PM

Journalist David Thorpe embarks on a hilarious and touching journey, confronting his anxiety about "sounding gay” with comprehensively exploring the linguistic, cultural and historical origins of the stereotype of the gay voice. Enlisting acting coaches, linguists, friends, family, total strangers, and celebrities, he quickly learns that many people both gay and straight often wish for a different voice. He gains frank and funny perspectives from public figures such as comedian Margaret Cho, actor George Takei, sex-advice columnist Dan Savage, fashion guru Tim Gunn, and writer David Sedaris. Drawing upon movie and television clips, the film traces a cultural history of the gay voice ranging from closeted icons to a notable string of cartoon villains which places Thorpe's self-consciousness in a broader context and illuminates the complexity at play in this seemingly personal issue.

David Thorpe is a gay journalist and filmmaker living in Brooklyn. He finds himself obsessed with how “gay” his voice sounds. Unable to resist the homophobia he internalized growing up; Thorpe tries to learn how to sound straight with the help of two speech coaches. Unexpectedly, however, David’s vocal exercises reconnect him to his own physical, authentic “gay” voice.

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