Director: Hajooj kuka
Country: Sudan, South Africa, Arabic
Year: 2014
Duration: 65 min



Suncoast 6 18 July 2015 18:00 PM
Suncoast 7 21 July 2015 20:00 PM
Musgrave 6 23 July 2015 22:00 PM

Sudan is doing whatever it can to get rid of the rebel forces in the Blue Nile areas and the Nuba Mountains. The way of doing this is to obliterate their base. Their base is the people, the villagers who have now been forced to gather in mountain hideouts or refugee camps. The bombings continue and so does the fight back, led by the rebel forces. Hajooj Kuka has been on the ground filming for over eighteen months. Take a journey through the lives of displaced people who lose family members, homes, farms and belongings. Instead of finding devastated and defeated people we find a vibrant culture, people who have found new purpose and energy in the face of conflict. The response to the violence is often singing, dancing, laughter and marvelous music, the root of the Sudanese culture. The story is set in a time and place of conflict it is a story of people coming into terms with their culture, their identity, and facing the idea that the question of identity is at the heart of the conflict.

Hajooj kuka is a filmmaker from Sudan, currently based between Nairobi, Kenya and the Nuba Mountains, Sudan. He has also worked as a director and editor at Alhurra TV station in Washington DC and at Shilo Inc in New York


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