Directors: Ncamsile Ngcobo

  • COUNTRY : South Africa


Izwi Lofileyo is about a poor family who are elderly with a child called Thembalethu. Jealousy Arose as Thembalethu's friend gets accepted to study in the city and leaving the village. Thembalethu mother pressurize the father Ndosi in sending thembalethu to study in the city wanting a better future for her child also. Ndosi the father than asks Zodwa the sister who lives in the city to accommodate Thembalethu during the period of study. As Thembalethu Moves to the city she immediately joins wrong friends which influence her into doing bad things, she forgets the reason why she is in the city in the first place. Thembalethu gets pregnant and kicked off school and also by her aunt. Life becomes hard for her after, she faces challenges and at the end decide to go back home as life was just too tough for her and she decided she wants to kill herself.

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