Directors: Sandile Sikhosana

  • COUNTRY : South Africa


It's Nonhle's first night in Durban for the beginning of her first semester of University. Everything is new to her and so she's both nervous and excited. The busy city seems to be overwhelming, an adventure waiting to be explored, a huge contrast to the small town life that she's used to.Nonhle is soon exposed to the challenges of balancing campus and social life. Everyone seems to be on social media posting pictures of their lavish lifestyles. All the pretty girls wear expensive weaves, carry the latest iPhone handsets, attend the best parties in the city and are always dining at expensive restaurants.This is the life that Nonhle wants for herself but how do these girls do it? How do they afford it?Chasing the lifestyle that she's always seen on TV Nonhle is thrown deep into the Durban underground. She quickly learns that life in the city isn't as pretty as she had imagined. Driven by her ambition to live glamorously, Nonhle makes decisions that put her in extremely difficult circumstances. Will Nonhle survive the cut throat nature of the city where everyone is trying to make it?

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