Directors: Don Omope
Writers: Jude Idada, Don Omope

  • COUNTRY : Nigeria


Tatu is a coming-of-age story directed by Don Omope and adapted from the book of the same title by Abraham Nwankwo. Larayi wants a child so badly in order to save face from the prying eyes of society and to enjoy the pride and joy of motherhood. In desperation, she begs the chief priest for assistance in soliciting with the gods for a child on her behalf, and enters into a covenant to sacrifice her daughter when she comes of age. But when Tatu is born, she is blessed with so much beauty and intelligence that Larayi develops cold feet and breaks her covenant with the Gods, and, instead, sneaks her daughter out of the village to the city, away from the reach of the Gods. In response, the chief priest sends Kimani, an honourable and duty-bound warrior whose task it is to lead Tatu into death as her protector in the afterlife and to bring her back to fulfil her destiny. Starring some of Nollywood's biggest actors, Tatu vividly captures the cultural crisis bedevilling an emerging society caught between the conflicts of love, honour, deceit and tradition.

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