Directors: Leli Maki
Writer: Nkuli Sibeko

  • COUNTRY : South Africa


Housewife Megan's idyllic life is thrown into turmoil when it emerges that her husband Lloyd is facing a heavy prison sentence for tax evasion. Megan, caught completely unaware, is sent into a tailspin as she loses not only her husband but also her home and her comfortable suburban life. But things get even worse when she finds herself implicated in the tax fraud and faces jail time. Down on her luck and with nothing to her name, Megan descends into despair and self-pity as the promises of a life lived happily ever after slowly disintegrate. With the help of her son and her best friend, Lindiwe, she finds solace and hope in her life-long love and affinity for cooking. She learns that the path back home begins with realizing that she is enough and that all she needs is her family, food, and love.

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