Directors: Prabin Syangbo
Writer: Prabin Syangbo

  • COUNTRY : Nepal


Distant and aloof, Palden lives with his mother in a makeshift cottage in Nepal's Sindhupalchowk district, in the aftermath of the cataclysmic earthquake that destroyed their home. Finding no purpose in living in what he sees as a God-forsaken country, he plans to leave for the Middle East. First, though, he must visit his estranged sister, complete his father's funeral rites, and accompany his mother on a pilgrimage to Paanchpokhari, all the while reconnecting emotionally with Keshang, whom he once almost married. However, Palden's true journey will be one of inner discovery. As the unlikely group wind their way deeper into the mountains, he comes to realise that leaving his country was really just about trying to escape his own fears of mortality, and that closure with his estranged family is the only thing that will finally bring him peace with the world around him

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