Directors: Hsin Yin Sung
Writer: Hsin Yin Sung

  • COUNTRY : Taiwan


Chi grew up on Happiness Road in Taiwan but was always living in awe of the USA & everything she knew about the country excited her; the chocolate, the cartoons. Chi was taught that the only way to earn happiness is to study hard so that she could move to the USA. Chi took this to heart, and eventually her dreams became reality when she got the opportunity to move to the USA, where she met her husband and settled down.However, Chi's dream move didn't turn out the way she hoped it would, and she has become lost in her seemingly happy life. When, on a trip home for her grandmother's funeral, she stumbles across her old classmates and friends from years gone by, she begins to feel nostalgic about her childhood and starts to question her own supposed happiness. As Chi starts to redefine her own happiness with a trip down memory lane, she begins to contemplate the meaning of life and home.

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