Directors: Egle Vertelyte
Writer: Egle Vertelyte

  • COUNTRY : France


It is 1992 and Lithuania has shifted from communism to capitalism, leaving the small nationalised pig farm managed by 45-year-old Irena in dire straits. With the farm on the brink of closure, a handsome American named Bernardas arrives, claiming that the pig farm belonged to his parents who were forced into exile during World War Two. He buys the farm, promises a new start, and assures Irena that she can stay.Bernardas stays true to his word and his investment sees life in the village improve. But as his popularity grows, Irena finds that the villagers no longer want to listen to their old boss. Suspicious of his real intentions, Irena starts spying on Bernardas and catches him frantically digging up the foundations of the farm. When confronted, he tells her his family secret: his parents buried a trove of treasures before being forced to leave. Falling for his charms, Irena agrees to help Bernardas dismantle the farm in search of the treasure, only to discover that there is no gold & just trinkets, photographs, and memories. With the farm destroyed, Bernardas' dreams of riches are at an end, but for Irena, life promises a new twist.

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