Directors: Ian Lagarde
Writer: Ian Lagarde

  • COUNTRY : Canada, Cuba


In this phantasmagorical black comedy, a man's mysterious appetite and supernatural powers lead to an apocalypse at a resort in the Caribbean. At the Palacio, an all-inclusive resort in the Carribean, Mike's arrival complicates the normal flow of operations. His voracious appetite, mysterious magnetism and unexpected miracles attract the curious, among whom he makes three friends and meets a few admirers, including a jealous salsa teacher and an enamoured octopus, all of whom will accompany him in a gargantuan downward spiral, mixing civil unrest and intestinal meltdown. Ian Lagarde`s debut feature is one of formal and narrative wonder. Bringing a gorgeously unusual approach to the exploration of human complexity, deities, and the surreal, Lagarde grounds the wild nature of his film with a controlled pace that incrementally derails its sense of reality. All You Can Eat Buddha willingly opens itself up to interpretation, resists conventions at all turns, and encourages a trippy and complex cinematic experience. This is a film that runs freely in a stunningly crafted alternate reality.

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