Directors: Karen van Schalkwyk
Writers: Ben Tjibe, Karen van Schalkwyk, Damon Berry

  • COUNTRY : South Africa


Doris Ratabane is a large, stubborn and beautiful woman with a passion for fighting crime in her community. Doris's life changes forever one day when she meets the enigmatic Mr Hung and decides to learn the ancient art of Kung Fu & which completely baffles her husband Jabulani. The training is tough but encouragement arrives in the form of Tiny, a charming ten-year-old boy who lives at the back of her property. Against the advice of Mr Hung, Doris stubbornly declares that she is ready to fight crime. After a couple of dramatic missteps, the crime-fighting Supermama finally achieves success. She even finds herself in the company of the Police Commissioner, with whom she develops a working relationship. However, the public success goes to her head, and when Mr Hung warns his protégé about her arrogance, Doris will hear none of it. Eventually, her dramatic adventures bring her head-to-head with a notorious heist gang, leading to danger for all involved. But can Supermama overcome her pride and bring the gang to justice?

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