Directors: Beatrice Behn, René Gebhardt

  • COUNTRY : Germany


Georg Friedrich Haas is arguably the most important living composer of symphonic music, but also adescendant of a Nazi family. His wife Mollena, whom he met through the dating site OkCupid is arenowned American kinky sex educator and descendant of African slaves. Together, they have lived in a public kinky relationship for 40 years: She is his 'slave' and muse, he is her master & a combination that pushes many people's buttons and touches on matters of race, sexuality, politics and power relations. The Artist & the Pervert documents their lives, moving between notions of perversion, art, love and radical self-determination.The Artist & The Pervert is a movie about the relationship of an African-American woman and a White European man, about BDSM and new music, about racism and sexuality, politics and power structures, prejudices and the distorted awareness of others. But it is also about self-acceptance and partnership, dedication and passion, art and life, feminism and self-determination. And above all, it's a movie about love.

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