Directors: Shasha Nakhai

  • COUNTRY : Canada


When it comes to power and electricity, Nigeria is a country in crisis. Torn between its desire to enter the global stage and its inability to provide a stable electricity supply to its citizens, the country lives in limbo. Despite having vast resources of oil and gas, over half of the country's nearly 200 million people do not have access to an uninterrupted electricity supply. Take Light is a look at the tangled wires of Nigeria's electricity crisis, told through the everyday trials and tribulations of Martins, a charismatic travelling electrician, and Deborah, a hesitant power company representative. In the process, the complicated dynamics of a country's ineffectual energy structure and the havoc it wreaks begins to unfold.All this makes for a compelling and complex look at a society caught up in a vicious cycle. By focusing on individuals who, like Martins and others, are simply trying to better their lives, director Shasha Nakhai ensures that the human cost remains at the forefront of the film. Although Take Light points to alternative energy sources as a possible solution, it is clear that a new direction in both execution and thought is desperately needed.

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