Directors: Eric Bodoule Sosso

  • COUNTRY : France, Cameroon


In this important tribute to one of Africa's most visionary directors, film lovers, filmmakers and journalists & along with friends and employees & take us on a journey through the life and work the late Sembene Ousmane, who died in 2007. Set partly on Yoff's beach, near Dakar, a fisher village where Sembene lived, the films reminds us of the importance of both travelling in order to gain experience and the equal importance of staying home in order to listen and serve your people, which Sembene did in his capacity as one of the continent's great storytellers.The film includes extracts from his films, some of his written texts & Sembene was not just a director but also a great writer & as well as clips of his teaching the art of Cinema in Cannes in 2005. The film also includes interviews with many of Sembene's fellows Senegalese, as well as numerous others, including actors, directors, academics and emerging filmmakers who share and continue the ongoing desire for the true and complete emancipation of the African continent and the human soul. The film's prefix 'Djambar' means warrior and Sembene, who fought all his life for his art and his beliefs was a true African warrior.

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