Directors: Jordan Schiele

  • COUNTRY : United States


The Silk and the Flame chronicles the journey of a man named Yao from Beijing to his family home in the provinces for the Chinese New Year. Nearing forty and still single, Yao returns to visit his deaf-mute mother and invalid father, whose dying wish is to see his son wedded to the right woman and starting a family of his own. However, Yao, a closeted homosexual, would prefer to find the right man. Ever the dutiful son, he finds himself sacrificing his own needs in order to fulfill their expectations.The film provides an intimate look familial bonds, traditional values and the pressure to conform in everyday life in China, where the economic boom of the cities stands in stark contrast to the poverty experienced by those living in the countryside. Director Jordan Schiele uses stark black-and-white photography to provide a fascinating and nuances narrative that reveals how deeply entrenched the Confucian values that shape Chinese society are, as well as documenting the legacy of the social tumult of the twentieth century and the family's own battle with the simple means of communication that most of us take for granted.

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