Directors: Lwazi Mvusi
Writer: Lwazi Mvusi

  • COUNTRY : South Africa


For 24-year-old Ella, the death of her alcoholic father saddles her with nothing but debt and the bitter memories of a complicated past. Abandoned by her mother at a young age, she has sacrificed everything to care for a man she resents. But at her father's cremation, Ella reconnects with her freewheeling musician godfather, Neo, who gives her a glimpse of something beyond the suffocating life she has led in the small town of Beaufort West. Ella decides that she will bury her father's ashes at her childhood home in Johannesburg and that Neo will be responsible for taking her there. And so the two set out across the Karoo in Neo's beloved old BMW, meeting various characters along the way who give the two protagonists insight into themselves and each other. As the landscape changes, so their relationship deepens and they come to realise how much they need each other and how imperative it is that they exorcise the ghosts of their past. The result is a captivating coming-of-age tale for both Ella and Neo as they follow the long, open freeways across the country, and find maturity within themselves.

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