Directors: Harikumar Ramakrishna Pilla
Writers: Harikumar Ramakrishna Pilla, Mohankumar K V

  • COUNTRY : India


This emotionally powerful film is based on the true story of Clint, a child prodigy who died of renal failure shortly before his seventh birthday, leaving behind a treasure of 25 000 artworks. Named after the famous Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood, Edmund Thomas Clint (Master Alok) is the only son of MT Joseph (Unni Mukundan) and Chinnamma Joseph (Rima Kallingal). The young boy loved colours so much that he started painting at a very small age. His work impressed his parents & as well as everyone else who saw it & and they decided to accept his decision to not attend school so that he could paint full time & a decision which was declared radical and foolish by many of his well-wishers. Clint was a curious boy who wished to travel and see things so that he could reflect them on his canvas, and when he couldn't, he used the descriptions from people around him and the books given by his father. Director Harikumar R has made a simple and emotionally convincing account of a thoroughly unusual life. With superb performances and nuanced direction, this is a moving and heartfelt film that is suitable for all ages.

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