Directors: Joaquín Cambre
Writers: Laura Farhi, Joaquín Cambre

  • COUNTRY : Argentina


A Trip to the Moon tells the story of Tomas, an alienated young teenager who trying to pass an exam. His hyper-normal family is a source of constant pressure and frustration, and her mother forces him to take antipsychotic drugs. When he meets Iris, who is a little bit older than him, Tomas falls in love with her. But when he realizes that his love is destined to remain unrequited he goes crazy and starts planning an intriguing trip to the moon in order to escape the pain of his own heart and the weight of his family's expectations. The result is a strange and engaging journey in which reality and fiction intermingle, and an old family secret is uncovered. This charming film is both a beautiful tribute to George Méliès' similarly named 1902 Le Voyage dans la Lune and an insightful and engaging coming-of-age tale. A Trip to the Moon is the debut feature film from Joaquín Cambre and marks him a major talent in world cinema.

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