Directors: Marie Kreutzer, Franz Novotny
Producers: Alexander Glehr
Writer: Marie Kreutzer



WE USED TO BE COOL follows three young couples; Stella and Markus, Ines and Chris, Mignon and Luis, members of today's got-everything-except-a-purpose generation. Equipped with the latest gadgets they live safe in their free range, fair trade, Apple-equipped, city centre apartments. But with all their material needs covered and never having suffered from want, their state of mind is the big issue. Stella's the first to find the 'solution': she gets pregnant. The others quickly follow suit and these adult children find life is suddenly all too real. In a mixture of subtle and broad humour, touching moments and genuine observation, Mignon learns feeding your child only bio and boycotting nappies leads to domestic unpleasantness (her range of designer baby clothes proves a flop, too); Ines, now the mother of daughter Elvis, throws Chris out, whereupon he moves into his car and embarks on an affair with Stella, while she and Markus eventually find happiness is a bicycle repair shop in the countryside.

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