Directors: Philip Gardner, Andrew Cassells
Writer: Phillip Gardner

  • COUNTRY : South Africa


Melvin Poon is a writer however, not one of his novels has been picked up for publication. He’s also in theprocess of losing his inheritance; a magnificent sugar estate. EvenPatrick, his loyal farm manager, friend, and voice of reason, has neverseen him this miserable before. But that all changes when he gets a callfrom Randall Harris, a respected English literary agent. Not only is heflying out from London to sign Melvin, but he’s convinced that he’sgoing to be one of the most important writers of all time too. His geniusnow confirmed, Melvin strides out of Billy’s offices and into the localpub to meet Randall and sign the contract that will carve his name intothe annals of literary history. But the man in question never shows up.He’s gone missing.And so, terrified that he will miss out on his one chance to ever getpublished, Melvin sets out on a Don Quixote-esque mission to find themissing publisher himself.That of course means that Patrick must resign himself to the role of theever suffering Sancho Panza and clean up the mess his errant employerleaves in his wake.His first stop is the local Police station where he meets Officer Ncobo, acrooked cop who’s on the vigilante’s payroll. But Melvin has no idea4about the hit man or the vigilante group, and he writes the cop’s warningto stay out of Police business off as nothing more than bureaucraticcomplacency. Patrick, on the other hand, is getting more and moreconcerned.Not only is he aware of the sinister goings on in the area, he’s activelyinvolved in them too. And he knows that if Melvin’s investigation wereto accidentally stumble upon the vigilante group the consequences wouldbe deadly. So he takes it upon himself to keep his boss from the truthwhile the killer finishes up his work. But Melvin, fueled by a steadystream of whiskey and cigarettes, is determined to find the missingpublisher at any cost. Indeed, no matter how hard Patrick works to throwhim off the trail of the missing publisher, Melvin just keeps forgingahead.Then the vigilante group hears about Melvin’s snooping around. Theyconfront the killer about it only to find that he accidentally killed RandallHarris too. It turns out that Randall looked just like on of the drug dealerson the hit list!They’re furious, but luckily for them when Melvin wakes up thatmorning he finally decides to throw the towel in.He’s been beaten and bound outside a suspect’s house that he had beenspying on the night before and it’s all getting too dangerous now.Especially when a very hostile Officer Ncobo confronts him.So Billy tries to cheer him up by taking him fishing, but it doesn’t work.Melvin Poon is now more miserable and depressed than ever before.Patrick, on the other hand, is ecstatic. He’s just saved Melvin from certaindeath and the killer has also just finished up his last job. His plan workedout perfectly. But then… disaster strikes. Whilst fishing Melvin notices aheadline in the newspaper that the bait is wrapped up in. Randall Harrishas been found dead!And that’s when Melvin finally loses what’s left of his already fragilemind and storms off the beach to put out a large reward for anyinformation leading to the capture of Randall’s killers. Knowing that bydoing so Melvin has just signed his own death warrant, and powerless todo anything about the vigilante group’s decision, Patrick can do nothingbut sit back and wait for the inevitable conclusion of the tragic life of hisboss and friend, Melvin Poon.

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