Directors: Ernesto Ardito, Virna Molina, Virna Molina
Writers: Ernesto Ardito, Virna Molina



Ana and Isa are inseparable friends who attend the prestigious and traditional National High School of Buenos Aires in the years leading up to the 1976 coup d’état. Both grew up with the idea that there are two essential things in life: experiencing true love and changing the world. When the time comes for Ana to fall in love, things are not so clear. The pressure from her student political group because she has fallen in love with a boy from another party and her own fear about having sex for the first time, cause her to distance herself from her boyfriend Lito and get closer to Camilo. Nothing will be the same. Her heart is trapped between two passions and – though she is only 15 years olds – the political reality will force her to make an irreversible decision.

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