Directors: Kgatlhiso Sephiri, Bongiwe Selane
Writer: Kgatlhiso Sephiri

  • COUNTRY : South Africa


Eight year old Kganya wants nothing more than to go to school like her older brother Moagi, but her overprotective father will not let her. When she confronts her father, he responds that school is not safe for girls, but not so bad for boys. Kganya takes this to her brother and tries to get him to help her with her plan, dress-up like a boy and go to school. After initially refusing to take part in Kganya’s plan, Moagi defies his father and takes Kganya, dressed like a boy, to school. The consequences of their actions dents their relationship but only for a moment. When Kganya helps him with a simple maths problem that would’ve gotten him another beating Moagi goes to their father and begs him to let Kganya go to school- he’ll take care of her.

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