Directors: Lars Henning, Michael Gebhart
Writer: Lars Henning

  • COUNTRY : Germany


After serving a life sentence in prison, Becker has been released. All he wants now is to start a new life and to finally leave the terrible crime that he committed in the past behind. Becker has found a job, he finds a friend and with the cleaning woman Rita, he even finds a woman who is attracted to him. One day, however, the widower Dahlmann stands before him, the man whose wife and child he shot 18 years ago during a fatal burglary. Apparently, Dahlmann knows everything about the ex-convict and his new life, and he starts following him. Becker tries everything to conciliate the stalker, he begs him to leave him in peace. But Dahlmann cannot accept Becker’s atonement – he wants revenge. And Becker sees only one way to protect the people who are dear to him.

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