Director: Sion Sono
Country: Japan
Year: 2014
Duration: 116 min



  Nouveau  19 July 2015  17:00 PM
 Suncoast 7  25 July 2015  18:45 PM

Near-future Tokyo has split into rival tribes that struggle for control against a backdrop of violence, sex and corruption. Tensions between two of the tribes escalate when Mera, leader of the Bukuro Wu-Ronz tribe, kills rival Tera from the Musashino Saru tribe, and then sets his sights on eliminating Tera’s successor over a personal vendetta. When the High Priest’s daughter goes missing, ruthless crime lord Buppa enters the fray, and Tokyo becomes a battlefield as an all-out turf war erupts between the tribes.
One of the defining features of Tokyo Tribe is its soundtrack, a flood of sound that flows through the entire movie. As depicted in Inoue's manga, the street culture of hip hop is a form of self-expression, so Sono made the bold decision to use rap to deliver much of the dialogue. It elevates the film's inventive and intense approach to a whole new level, and the result is what can only be described as a “battle rap musical.” The aggressive assault of its beats and rhymes wreaks havoc as a massive ensemble cast shocks, excites, and incites an unparalleled sonic war!

Sion Sono was born in Aichi Prefecture. His film Bicycle Sighs was an official selection of over 30 film festivals around the world. He went on to unleash a constant stream of controversial works such as Love Exposure, Cold Fish, Guilty of Romance, Himizu and Why Don't You Play in Hell? that won numerous prizes internationally.


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