Director: Danis Tanovic
Country: France, India, United Kingdom
Year: 2014
Duration: 90 min



 Suncoast 8  18 July 2015  19:00 PM
  Suncoast 8  25 July 2015  21:45 PM

Two filmmakers return from a research trip to Pakistan. They ask their subject, Ayan, to tell his story to their financiers’ lawyer, on the record. If he can prove his story is true, they can make the film. If not, the huge corporation whose methods they are attacking could destroy them. Ayan’s story begins with his marriage to the beautiful Zainab. Seeing him struggle to sell unbranded local pharmaceuticals, she persuades him to try for a job with a prestigious multinational – Lasta Foods, known for their infant formulas. After becoming their star salesman, Faiz, one of Ayan’s new doctor friends, goes off to study public health issues. When he returns he hauls Ayan into a children’s emergency room. Babies are dying from the infant formula and the doctor says it’s all Ayan’s fault. Ayan quits his job and vows to divulge the scandal behind the corporation’s infant milk formula. On the night of the documentary transmission, his former employers reveal a dark secret and suddenly it seems Ayan’s story must go untold. Shaken by Ayan’s story, the filmmakers realise they must get the truth out there. But they too will soon discover the real power of a multinational corporation.

No Man’s Land debut feature film by Danis Tanovic went on to win the Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. It also won Best Script prizes at the Cannes Film Festival and European Film Awards. The film received over 40 international awards, making it one of the most awarded first feature films in history.


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