Director: Sibs Shongwe-La Mer
Country: South Africa
Year: 2014
Duration: 85 min



Venue Date Time
Musgrave 6 17 July 2015 20:00 PM
Musgrave 6 21 July 2015 21:00 PM
Suncoast 1 24 July 2015 19:15 PM

On the anniversary of the violent Soweto youth uprising of June 16th 1976, a group of adolescent friends living in the city of Johannesburg are shocked by the live-streamed suicide of a young girl in her parents’ home. A year after the incident, Jabz and his best friend September, rummage through Johannesburg in search of answers, drugs, distraction and salvation. The suicide stained their youth forcing them to examine the city that surrounds them as well as their own lives. Under the hood of Jabz’s father’s jaguar, the two attempt to reacquaint themselves with the carefree hopefulness of their high school years. Jabz realising that the passionate Johannesburg he remembered existing not so long ago has slowly shifted into the visage of a conflict zone in his mind. With a bottle, a pack of cigarettes and their parents platinum American Express cards, the boys attempt to find the loving humanity buried under the stacks of mini malls and dilapidated buildings that decorate their scenario.

Sibs Shongwe-La Mer is a 22 year-old independent filmmaker, writer, visual artist, curator, TEDtalks alumnus and musician based in Johannesburg, South Africa exercising central activity in Europe. He has focused activity in the production of independent feature films, fine art photography, live/real-time video manipulation and music composition.


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