Director: Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli
Country: Italy
Year: 2014
Duration: 94 min



Venue Date Time
Musgrave 6 20 July 2015 22:30 PM
Nouveau 24 July 2015 20:00 PM

A sailing boat is at anchor in a bay off of an Apulian island. Naomi, a young Japanese woman, after having lost custody of her six year-old son, Ken, will be spending her last four days with him on board the boat of her father-in-law. In a hostile environment, Naomi faces the difficulty of approaching Ken under the controlling glare of the crew. Alex notices Naomi’s attempts to connect with Ken and eases his control, entering into conflict with the rest of the crew. When Naomi’s hopes seem lost Ken starts to take an interest in her, reducing the distance between them. The crew, in conflict with the captain, informs the boat’s owner. Alex, disobeying his employer’s wishes, takes Naomi and Ken to a beach where they can be alone and bond for the first time. Back on the boat, a timeless day magnifies the weight of their last goodbye and when Ken falls asleep, Naomi must leave. Watching the boat sail away, Naomi sees Ken for one last time wearing the mask she has made for him as a parting gift – the Japanese god of the sea.

Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli was born in Rome, Italy, lives and works in London, United Kingdom. He received a BA in Film Scoring at Berkley College of Music, Boston, USA. He is the founder of Essentia, a production company supporting Indie films and was Executive Producer of the feature films Jack & Diane and The Wait.


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