Director: Sara Blecher
Country: South Africa
Year: 2015
Duration: 125 min



Venue Date Time
Suncoast 7 19 July 2015 16:30 PM
UKZN Sneddon Theatre 21 July 2015 20:15 PM
Suncoast 6 23 July 2015 19:00 PM

A film based on Anchien Troskie's two top-selling novels, Dis ek, Anna and Die Staat teen Anna Bruwer. A successful businessman from Bloemfontein, South Africa, Danie du Toit's doorbell rings in the middle of the night. Outside the rain is pouring down. He puts on his gown and walks to the front door and switch on the light. A slender rain soaked figure stands with her back turned to him. When she turns around, he recognizes her face that stares at him from underneath the hoody. It's his stepdaughter that he hasn't seen in years. "It's me, Anna" she says calmly. The hate seeps through her words, just like the rain that pours over them. Then she lifts the gun... The film Dis Ek, Anna is about the sexual abuse of Anna Bruwer by her stepfather over a period of eight years. Silent Anna, she called herself because she could not tell anyone what had happened between her and her stepfather. Not her mother, not her best friend and not even her own father. In the story, the viewer becomes intimately involved in the child's twilight world of shame, threats and silence.

Sara Blecher is a co-founder of CINGA Productions, a South African based film and television production company that has made a number of award-winning drama series including Zero Tolerance, which was nominated for an international Emmy award. She co-created, wrote, directed and produced many episodes in this series. A graduate of NYU, she also works as a drama and documentary producer/director.

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