Director: Jean Luc Herbulot
Country: France
Year: 2014
Duration: 75 min



Venue Date Time
Suncoast 8 19 July 2015 21:45 PM
Suncoast 8 24 July 2015 19:45 PM

An explosive and gritty crime thriller set in the seedy back streets of a Paris tourists rarely venture, Dealer follows 24 hours in the increasingly hellish life of a 30-something small time drug dealer. Dan is itching to get out of the drug trade and he thinks he’s found his out – and the chance to take his daughter to Australia to emigrate – when a big-time drug proposition falls on his lap. He reluctantly agrees to it, a decision that propels him into a violent world of amoral criminals, prostitutes, backstabbing allies and where no one can be trusted and violence is seemingly the only path to take. The man’s tale of desperate survival is infused by a pulsating visual style from first-time director Herbulot and is accompanied by a booming soundtrack and non-stop action – this film is not for the squeamish.

Jean-Luc Herbulot is a French-Congolese director, he was born and grew up in Congo and currently works in both Paris and Los Angeles. His short films include Concurrence Loyale (2010), Stabat Mater (2011), Sick (2012) and Munster Cake (2013). Dealer is his feature film debut.


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