Director: Eva Munyiri
Producer: Jean Meeran
Writer: Eva Munyiri



The film follows the director, ON a search TO remember her grandmother Waithira, AND how this woman, who she barely knew, shaped the woman she IS today. She seeks OUT her grandmother's namesakes, the firstborns of her generation who live in Nairobi, Dresden and northern Wales. The film weaves what is imagined, remembered and lived, into a tapestry of a family, an ethnicity, and a nation, through the experiences of African women trying, as their grandmother did, to determine their lives.




Strike A Rock

Director: Aliki Saragas Producers: Aliki Saragas, Liani Maasdorp, Anita Khanna Writer: Aliki Saragas

Skulls of My People

Director: Vincent Moloi Producers: Vincent Moloi, Lodi Matsetela, Makgano Mamabolo Writers: Vincent Moloi, Lodi Matsetela, Makgano Mamabolo

Mama Colonel (Maman Colonelle)

Director: Dieudo Hamadi Producers: Christian Lelong, Kiripi Katembo Siku Writer: Dieudo Hamadi

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