Director: Donald Mugisha
Country: South Africa, Germany, Kenya, Uganda
Year: 2015
Duration: 85 min



 Suncoast 6  17 July 2015  17:30 PM
 Suncoast1  22 July 2015  19:30 PM
 Musgrave 6  25 July 2015  13:30 PM

In Kampala, Uganda, the city streets are always congested with traffic and the fastest way to travel is on motorbike taxis called “boda bodas.” The men who drive these boda bodas have a reputation as tough hustlers, cowboys of the dusty roads; after all you have to be sharp to survive Kampala traffic.

Even though he is only 15 years old, when his father is injured in a road accident Abel takes up the responsibility of manning the family boda boda to provide for him and the family. Abel however, is always on the lookout for a shortcut and when a local hustler offers him the chance of being a snatch and grab get-away driver, he lurches headlong into a world of easy money and quick thrills. It all turns sour though when Abel himself is robbed of his father’s boda boda. He is now forced to pile lie upon lie to his parents and the authorities as he searches for the stolen motorbike through the underbelly of Kampala.

Donald Mugisha studied Mass Communication at Kampala University but attributes his true education to the making of hundreds of music videos for the East African music scene. Mugisha went on to direct a documentary about the method and reach of these music videos which garnered numerous awards and accolades, both locally and internationally and helped turn his attention to filmmaking.


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