Director: Etienne Faure
Country: United States, France
Year: 2015
Duration: 98 min



 Musgrave 5  19 July 2015  22:15 PM
 Musgrave 5  25 July 2015  22:15 PM

An eccentric, unconventional fable, Bizarre follows Maurice, an 18-year old boy from France with a dark past. Having just arrived in Brooklyn, New York, he has no friends and no place to stay. On a chance encounter, he is taken in by two beautiful girls, Kim and Betty. Maurice is given room and board and a job at their famous underground cabaret club, the Bizarre, where he begins to form a whole new family. In this ephemeral refuge of fantasy and freedom, he begins a disturbing relationship with a fascinating bartender, Luka, who also has a mysterious background. But Maurice’s past catches up to him, and the liberating world he has become a part of begins to fall apart. As an adolescent still struggling towards maturity, it won’t be long before he is compelled to flee his surroundings once again. 

Etienne Faure started his career directing several short films such as the award-winning The Invisible Lyrics. Faure is a member of the French Society of Authors-Directors-Producers (L’ARP). With Stéphane Gizard he founded Eivissa Productions. Bizarre is his fourth feature film. Starting September 2015 he will begin production on his new feature film River Bank.


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