Director: David Verbeek
Screenplay: David Verbeek
Cinematographer: Frank van den Eeden
Cast: Gregoire Colin, Lizzie Brochere, Slimane Dazi
Language: Dutch with English subtitles

  • DURATION : 105 min
  • COUNTRY : Netherlands
  • CATEGORIES: dutch films


Full Contact is a contemporary tale of a man named Ivan who accidentally bombed a school through a remotely operated drone plane. Ivan, operating the plane from a faraway air force base, has never been to the foreign countries of his attacks, nor has he ever touched the plane he uses to kill. Modern warfare keeps him safe and disconnected from his prey. However, after this incident Ivan s disconnectedness starts to apply to everything in his life. He is unable to get the men he killed out of his head. His attraction to a girl he recently met, Cindy, his guilt and curiosity about his victims, all echo on and on towards a point of full awareness of what he has done and who he is underneath the surface.





Director: Sacha Polak Screenplay: Helena van der Meulen Cinematographer: Frank van den Eeden Cast: Barry Atsma, Martijn Lakemeier,Sascha Alexander Gersak Language: Dutch with English subtitles

Schneider vs Bax

Director: Alex van Warmerdam Screenplay: Alex van Warmerdam Cinematographer: Tom Erisman Cast: Tom Dewispelaere, Alex van Warmerdam, Maria Kraakman Language: Dutch with English subtitles

12 Months in 1 Day (EEN Dag in 't Jaar)

Director: Margot Schaap Screenplay: Margot Schaap, Johan Sonnenschein Cinematographer: Casper Brink Cast: Anne Gehring, Michael Bloos, Vera Ketelaars Language: Dutch with English subtitles

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