Director: Joseph Oesi
Cinematographer: Joseph Oesi
Language: English, Fanagalo, Xhosa, Tswana, Pedi, Northern Ndebele with English subtitles

  • DURATION : 108 min
  • COUNTRY : South Africa


In an area called Mokopane in South Africa s Limpopo province, tensions between the community and the mining companies, and communities and their traditional leaders, seem set to explode. Black Lives Matter explores how the mineral wealth, rightfully belonging to the people of South Africa, has been sold to capitalist interests for the enrichment of a few elite and at the expense of the country  and how traditional communities have been divided in this process. This film takes us on a journey through three rural communities  the Mogales, the Kekanas, and the Mapelas. What they have in common is that the richest platinum bearing reef in the world runs underneath their land  and that international mining companies have made dubious deals with traditional leaders whose very legitimacy is questioned by the communities they supposedly serve.


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