Directors: Khalid EL-Jelailati
Writer: Khalid EL-Jelailati

  • COUNTRY : Tunisia, France and Qatar


This dark thriller follows the tortured journey that begins one nightmarish night when a woman named Aya is taken captive by an internet date and driven to the edge of sanity. Aya (Danica De La Rey) plans to meet up with Bayode (Richard Gau) against the wishes and advice of her best friend Pamela (Keketso Montshiwa) who decides to accompany her for safety reasons & against Aya's will. However, what they both don't know is that Bayode has other plans & he is planning to take Aya and prepare her to be sold to Mikda (Charlie Bouguenon). When Bayodes' plans are stifled by the presence of Pamela, he has to take some drastic action to ensure he meets his deadline and make the sale. Over the next two days, using drugs and manipulation he chips away at Aya's spirit before he has to deliver her to Mika. This film addresses the hard truths of human trafficking in our country and the helplessness of communities in the face of this threat. Aya is a spiralling narrative that delves into a world of deception, manipulation and violence.

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