Directors: Jennifer Fox
Writer: Jennifer Fox

  • COUNTRY : United States


Documentary filmmaker Jennifer (Laura Dern) has it all & a loving boyfriend and a great career as a journalist and professor. But when her mother discovers a story & the 'tale' of the film's title & that Jennifer wrote when she was 13 detailing a special relationship she had with two adult coaches, she returns to the Carolina horse farm where the events transpired in order to try to reconcile her version of events with the truth. The Tale is a powerfully rendered account of one woman's investigation into her own childhood memories & and her first sexual experience & and the stories we all tell ourselves in order to survive. Revisiting the story she wrote as a young woman, Jennifer faces life-altering questions about the elusive nature of memory. With nuanced direction and a great performance from Dern, Fox examines the journey from denial to truth with carefully considered resonance. The result is a #MeToo story that dramatizes the vital importance of that movement and the shift in moral codes that it both embodies and advances.

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