Directors: Ji Huang, Otsuka Ryuji
Writers: Ji Huang, Otsuka Ryuji

  • COUNTRY : China


Winter is just about to start in a small town in southern China, when 16-year-old Lynn, a 'left-behind' child who grew up with her grandparents, prepares for the university entrance examination. Her mother, who works in faraway Guangdong as a long-time migrant worker, wants her to get into a police academy but Lynn's preparations are not going well. She is bullied by her classmates at school, while at home her three cousins never stop teasing her. Her relationship with her friend May is her only outlet and the two girls often escape from their family homes to spend the night at an internet cafe. Longing for love, Lynn steals cell phones and sells them to men she doesn't know. As her behaviour becomes increasingly risk, she has her first sexual experience, which turns out to be cruel and unpleasant. When May suddenly stops being in touch, Lynn finds that her life is spiralling out of control. Surrounded by corruption, sexual violence and the omnipresence of new media, she searches for a path through the labyrinth of her life. With precise use of images, this is an engaging portrait of isolation and alienation in contemporary China.

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