Directors: Sara Blecher
Writer: Neil McCarthy

  • COUNTRY : South Africa


This fourth film from acclaimed South African director and DIFF regular Sara Blecher provides a fresh look at the gangster genre from a very different perspective. Set in the Johannesburg suburb of Mayfair, an area that was previously defined as 'Indian' by the architects of apartheid but has since become a melting pot of new migrants from across the continent, the film tells the story of the relationship between crime boss Aziz (Rajesh Gopie) and his son Zaid (Ronak Patani). As the film progresses, Blecher peels back the layers of moral hypocrisy that lurk beneath the veneer of Aziz's respectability. Zaid rejects and abhors everything about his father's moral choices & until he learns that his dad once had to make the exact same choice that he is now being forced to make. By providing a female perspective on both a traditionally male genre and a story about manhood, Blecher has created a film that both celebrates and extends the limits of the genre. A compelling story about family, freedom and faith, Mayfair is another truly South African film from one of the country's most gifted directors.

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