La Isla

Director: Ahmed Boulane
Screenplay: Ahmed Boulane, Carlos Domiguez
Cinematographer: Giovanni Brescini
Cast: Abdellah Ferkous, Issa N'diaye, Rosario Pardo, Miguel Hermoso, Bouchra Ahrich
Language: Arabic, Spanish, French with English subtitles

La Isla is a fable-like film about the real life 2002 standoff between Morocco and Spain.Ibrahim is a soldier who is sent to a deserted island off the Mediterranean coast of Morocco to monitor the movements of smugglers and illegal immigrants. One day, Ibrahim rescues Mamadou, a Senegalese man who nearly drowns trying to row to Spain. After a few awkward and racially insensitive moments, the two become friends and try to survive on the miniscule island. Their friendship inadvertently triggers a diplomatic incident which then escalates into a much larger regional military crisis.



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