John of God the Movie

Director: Selé M'Poko
Screenplay: Selé M'Poko
Cinematographer: Daniel Alberste
Cast: Jo D Jonz, Jean Shaka, Moise Ilunga, Ferre Gola, Diane Kamuanga
Language: English, Lingala, French with English subtitles

Brandon is a down and out cameraman and wannabe director from New York. Rather unexpectedly, he gets offered an opportunity of a lifetime which sees him travelling to Kinshasa to make a documentary about John, a Congolese musician with a God complex. With little help from his less than competent producer, he and his crew must navigate the at times nonsensical world they find themselves is. Billed as the first feel-good movie to come out of the Congo in decades, the film does a wonderful job of capturing the true essence of Congolese culture in all its humour and style.



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