As I Open My Eyes (A Peine J'ouve Les Yeux)

Director: Leyla Bouzid
Screenplay: Leyla Bouzid, Marie-Sophie Chambon
Cinematographer: Sebastien Goepfert
Cast: Baya Medhaffer, Ghalia Benali, Montassar Ayari, Aymen Omrani
Language: Arabic with English subtitles

As Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution draws near, independent young woman Farrah struggles against her controlling family and repressive society to pursue her dream of being in a band. Set in the rarely-depicted underbelly of Tunisa, this coming of age tale captures the tensions and triumphs of what it means to be a young woman fighting for freedoms on the fringes of a conservative Islamic society. Featuring moving compositions by Iraqi musician Khyam Allami, Leyla Bouzid's feature-length is a poignant human story that hints at a much bigger picture.



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