Directors: Samit Kakkad, Nanu Jaisinghani
Producers: Suresh Jaisinghani, Mohit Jaisinghani
Writer: Dnyanesh Zoting

  • COUNTRY : India


Fascinated by the arrival of a pizza parlor in their locality, two mischievous slum boys have one goal in mind: to taste this new delicacy. It's wildly beyond their means of course, but they are determined to find a way.Half Ticket is a Marathi remake of the 2015 Tamil movie Kaaka Muttai (named for the crow's eggs the boys eat when they cannot afford chicken eggs). The scenario is reminiscent of Italian and Iranian neo-realist fables like Bicycle Thieves and The White Balloon, but the energy and vibrancy is unmistakably Indian (there's a dash of Slumdog Millionaire in here, for sure). Although light on the surface, Kakkad's film doesn't soft pedal the hardship and poverty these boys face, or the glaring inequities in this part of the world. Filmed in real locations in the slums of Mumbai, Half Ticket is a treat to watch and you will be sure to root for the boys to reach their goal.

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