Director: Daniel Kamwa, Pierre Paul Nyobe
Screenplay: Daniel Kamwa
Cinematographer: Pierre Paul Nyobe
Cast: Daniel Kamwa, Jean-Baptiste Lucien, Denis Tadi? Tu?ne, Philippe Catoire, Geraldine Asselin, X Mbembo
Language: French with English subtitles

  • DURATION : 99 min
  • COUNTRY : South Africa, France, Cameroon


In an imaginary African country, the Head of State decides to launch an operation. Named  Back to the Land of Graduates Without Stable Jobs , the operation s aim is to set to work all of the country s unemployed intellectuals in order to offset the numerous attempts of  brain drain to the West. Many intellectuals are interested and sign up to participate, largely due to the handsome grant each is promised in return. But with so much at stake, will this revolutionary project come to fruition or fail? A fantastic allegory about the factors that lead to illegal emigration.



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