South Africa, 2015, English
Director: Painting Stories Collective

  • DURATION : 26 min
  • COUNTRY : South Africa


Safiri, is an aspiring Kenyan painter living in Cape Town pursuing her dream of becoming an artist. Instead she is stuck working at a textile factory alongside Brad, a retired American stuntman. Safiri and Brad are unlikely friends brought together by circumstance and shared experiences as foreigners seeking a better life in Cape Town.Safiri's desperation to break free from her mundane life leads her to meet Lester, a 60-year-old gallery owner, who shows interest in her work and much more. Lester enjoys toying with Safiri by dangling the opportunity of displaying her work in his gallery.Her passion is put to the test in her journey of self-discovery causing her to re-evaluate her life, ambition, and self-worth.

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